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Here’s to 2022…

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

and where to begin….

Let’s go with the closing quarter of a somewhat tricky 365 twists of the earth for many, if not most, of us.

Mine have been tumultuous and unexpected, but beautiful and settling simultaneously. It’s involved a hop, skip and a jump back to my home County…

I am most definitely one of the lucky ones, I have my family around me and a handful of the most loyal and downright honest and sincere friends. Some of which are sadly not as close now as I would like. Without them this venture would never have come to fruition. That said we, as in myself and Mångata Design, have relocated to one of the most ruggedly stunning places and found a wonderful creative hub to take refuge in.

‘Mångata’ is a Swedish word I came across when looking at foreign words that don’t really translate into the English language with one single corresponding word. Yet, they have the most wonderful meanings. ‘Mångata’ roughly translates to English as ‘the road like pattern the moon makes on water’. Serendipitously it’s taken even more of a hold in my heart since moving to Seaham and witnessing the overwhelming effect of a full moon on the usually blackened nighttime sea.

I strive to attempt, however pitifully, to mimic some of this natural beauty and astounding landscape into my designs and I am now aching to start work on bringing them to life. With that I shall tell you about Mångata Design’s new home and the current curve in the road we find ourselves reaching.

The Nottingham from the previous name has been dropped, not because I don’t still adore Notts, it just needed to reflect the most recent chapter of our evolution. We have a new business home in a unique building in the centre of Hartlepool surrounded by inspiring people and creative businesses from all walks: The BIS studios. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work from a unit there and I am so excited for the next step and invite future curves in the moonlit road with a little trepidation, but mostly excitement and gratitude.

Sometimes, I guess you just have to go with where the world, or the Mångata, wishes to take you.

Happy 2022 all.

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